Welcome to the World Wise Movement


The World Wise Movement is part of the future of hip hop. Globally unified and respected across networks and industries around the world, we work together to help people create their future in hip hop.


Our mission is to be one the top competitors in any industry we are involved in whether it is music,sports,modelling or whichever we do we would like to be #1 and help those working with the movement.


The World Wise Movement consists of very wise men and women around the world. With the values of a strong work ethic, motivation, determination and and unparalleled drive to be successful.

Started in 2010 by Frank Wise, the movement was originally called the “Frank Wise Movement”. As Franks network grew he realized that what he created was even bigger than himself. it was from that where the ” World Wise Movement” gave root. these roots were based in the vision Frank had.

I wanted a movement, one that crossed boundaries, cultures, music, genres, history and art. I want to get back to the basics of where music started. with the musician, with the fans. that is really what the movement is about. – Frank Wise

Today we stand as an up and coming force to be reckoned within the industry. We are a team that is thousands strong, and growing. Our method is simple. We take the best no matter where they are and we bring them together to give our movement members the access to the best. from a penthouse in LA to the streets of Waco Texas and the clubs in Africa Asia and around the world. we have a movement. its both structured and organized allowing us to manage and help with growth and development of not just artist but any and every stakeholder in the industry.

Our network includes top produces, artist, A&R teams, labels, radio stations and key network connects. Our Affiliations have grown to include professional athletes and models. allowing for a complete package to support your unique needs in an ever evolving industry.

Working daily around the clock we continue to grow our networks. So if you work in any field in the music industry, sports, modelling or you are a business mind or a investor feel free to contact us.

Speaking of which, you will see the following image appearing on occasion throughout the site as we continue to flesh out a few things. In fact, if you see an area that you think you could help with – reach out!

Coming Soon!